Dan Habberley is an IT Support Consultant at Essentia

Q – Why did you decide to join Essentia Trading?

A – I was working in the IT department at Guy’s and St Thomas’ when we won a contract to provide 1st line IT support to the Nelson Health Care Centre for Merton CCG. From there I started working with Chris from Essentia Trading and began supporting the IT team. I started doing more external work on behalf of Trading and eventually joined the team full time.

Q – What is the best thing about your role?

A – Getting to travel around frequently and working with lots of new people, in new offices, with new technology and solutions.

Q – How would you describe the culture at Essentia?

A – Professionally relaxed and forward moving.

Q – What have you learned since you’ve joined Essentia Trading?

A – I’ve learned a lot since joining the team, and I’m constantly learning in both Service Management and IT Support capacities. It’s hard to quantify any one specific thing.

Q – How long have you worked for Essentia Trading, and what has been your proudest achievement to date?

A – I first started working with and supporting the company over two years ago and officially joined the team in August 2016.

Q – How have you been supported during your career development?

A – I’ve received constant mentorship from Chris in my standard day-to-day roles, as well as the support of Tracey, Michelle and Dave.

Q – What are your favourite projects that you have worked on?

A – Internally putting together our own network, configuring the management and roll-out of our Android phones, and working towards a Windows 10 platform. For clients, I’ve been involved in designing and setting up whole IT services for several clients from scratch.

Q – Where do you see you see yourself in 5-years?

A – With how fast things are moving and developing, I honestly couldn’t say!

Q – What do you think makes Essentia Trading unique?

A – We possess a highly skilled and smaller, close-knit team

Q – What has been your favourite Essentia Trading social event?

A – The bowling event (and following pub-crawl).