Natalie Atandare is an Assistant Project Manager at Essentia

Q – What is the best thing about your role?

A – Having the support of my project management team. There’s six of us in the London office and I work closely with the project managers. I manage costs, budgets and maintain relationships with contractors and builders. We work closely with clients to ensure they’re happy. I moulded my role by how I’d want an assistant PM to perform if I was a project manager.

Q – How would you describe the culture at Essentia?

A – Relaxed, free, and balanced. I’m part of a small group that I’m really fond of. Trading is a small firm, and we’ve developed a sense of family. There’s a genuine friendliness and it was a natural fit for me. The level of autonomy provided, without being micromanaged makes you more accountable as well.

Q – What have you learned since you’ve joined Essentia Trading?

A – Not coming from a background in management, I’ve learned a lot from the senior project managers within the team. There have been layers of learning that came with the job, and most importantly the company has provided time for growth. I’ve worked in larger, corporate fields and this has been very different. Very positive.

Q – What do you find inspiring about the work you do?

A – Being a part of a job until the end and seeing the results it has on those involved. After we completed the move of the Lambeth Paediatric wing, the appreciation and thanks we received from the clinical team for a fast transition and making everything work better for them.

Q – How long have you worked for Essentia Trading, and what has been your proudest achievement to date?

A – Since October 2016. I started as a project support officer and by my fourth month I was promoted to assistant project manager. I worked really hard and was proud of how quickly I progressed.

Q – What are your favourite projects that you have worked on?

A – I learned quickly from my first project here, moving five directorates into the Beckett House. I met a lot of interesting and helpful people. There’s a big human element to this job and every time I’m there, it’s nice to see our impact on the project and the people it’s effected. They put their trust in me, and that’s all I wanted.

Q – Where do you see you see yourself in 5-years?

A – There are three specific things. Professionally, I’d like to become a qualified project manager. Second, to lead large classes for men and women as a fitness trainer. Promoting fitness projects through sports or protein shakes, anything. I do bodybuilding on the side, and this is a passion of mine. Lastly, to pick up therapy work again. I started out as a therapist and would eventually like to get back into it.

Q – What do you think makes Essentia Trading unique?

A – Putting patients first. There’s a passion for focusing on who our projects effect.

Q – What has been your favourite Essentia Trading social event?

A – The ETL Christmas event in 2016. It was my first holiday party here. There was a treasure hunt that led us to the bar.