Umair Alam is a Graduate Cost Manager at Essentia

Q – Why did you decide to join Essentia Trading?                                         

A – I was a Masters student at Oxford Brookes when I first interviewed. I started working at Milton Park part time while completing my dissertation. I enjoyed the culture and was offered a level of flexibility that really helped me until I became a full-time employee.

Q – What is the best thing about your role?

A – There’s a wide range of work and we’re often operating on multiple projects at once. I come from a numbers background in mechanical engineering and that guided me towards quantity surveying. Every project is unique and provides an opportunity to change and improve yourself. It’s all helping me towards my goal of attaining chartered status.

Q – How would you describe the culture at Essentia?

A – There’s a relaxed work environment, but everyone handles their deadlines. I’m part of a fantastic team of people that I can rely on.

Q – What have you learned since you’ve joined Essentia Trading?

A – Since finishing University, the job experience I’ve earned can’t be understated. Essentia has helped mould me through exposure in contract administration, cost planning, cost reporting, liaising with contractors and the step-by-step of all project stages. Adapting in the workplace is important and I’ve adapted quite well.

Q – How long have you worked for Essentia Trading, and what has been your proudest achievement to date?

A – I started in May 2016 and joined full time in November. I’m most proud of the projects that I’ve been a part of from the pre-start meetings, initial design stages into the construction itself.

Q – How have you been supported during your career development?

A – I’ve been supported throughout the APC process. As a graduate we are required to accumulate 48 hours of structured training per year. The training is both formal and informal and encourages continuous professional development.

Q – What are your favourite projects that you have worked on?

A – We’ve recently been working on a 16-week project on the ground floor of St Thomas’. Working with a project from tender to completion is something I’m proud of.

Q – What do you think makes Essentia Trading unique?

A – The people that work here come from diverse backgrounds in the biomedical sciences, project management, politics, economics, and so on. They’re able to take the knowledge from their previous studies and experiences and apply it here at Essentia. I also don’t know of many other companies offering management consultancy in the healthcare sector.