Strategy clipboard

The issue:

For an organisation to go paperless the organisation needs a system to electronically create, capture, store and scan information using a mobile interface. It then needs to be able to keep a contemporaneous audit trail of the information.

Our unique approach:

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust decided to develop a product that would act as the two-way interface between existing EHR System (iSoft) and other speciality systems. The Trust simplified the system into three major components:

  • portal
  • workflow engine
  • form builder

Proprietary Software was chosen to provide the basic capability for these components with Microsoft Sharepoint providing the portal and mobility capability, other software provided workflow and form generation.

Portlets provided access to speciality systems and workflow forms were created to cover the majority of activities carried out by nurses and doctors in both inpatients and outpatients.

The form builder is agile enough to cope with new developments and processes. This system is perfect for smaller trusts, district general hospitals and community trusts as well as newly formed health JVs if they wish to adopt it.