Image of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital East Kent


Essentia’s sustainability team played a vital role in helping East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT) procure an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) which will deliver over £1 million cost savings and a 17 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions per annum.

The issue

The Trust’s main objectives were to deliver financial and carbon savings, and to improve infrastructure resilience. The Trust also wanted to ensure the solution was flexible and included quick payback measures to allow for areas of uncertainty in future estate strategy.

Our approach

The Trust decided to procure an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), involving the private sector through specialist Energy Saving Companies (ESCOs). This approach guarantees minimum energy and carbon savings that inevitably results in cost savings. Selecting the right partner was essential to the success of the project. The Trust approached Essentia’s highly experienced sustainability team to help it procure the energy contract and gain board approval to move forward with the project.


The resulting £8.6 million project compromises a range of technologies from combined heat and power engines to LED lighting. The programme of works is split into two phases: advanced works and comprehensive energy reduction scheme. The project will be fully financed, and the savings generated will pay for the project. This strategy ensures the Trust can still making financial and carbon savings whilst undergoing a strategic estates review.

“Essentia’s experience and support throughout the procurement process has helped us find the right supplier to deliver our energy savings project. The project will ensure that our infrastructure is resilient and fit for future estate development.” Keith Bourn, Assistant Director of Strategic Estates