London Chest Hospital

The issue:

Following the merger of three NHS trusts in April 2012, Barts became one of the largest healthcare providers in the UK, serving a population of 2.5 million in East London and beyond. The Trust operates from six hospital sites and several community buildings, resulting in a duplication of services and a complicated and fragmented property portfolio.

Services were being streamlined and the Trust had the opportunity to evaluate and rationalise its estate and identify the sites that were no longer needed or used. The Trust had already invested in new, modern, fit for purpose facilities. The disposal of unused property offered Barts the possibility of a meaningful financial return to invest in the new Cardio Centre, Whitechapel.

Our unique approach:

Our team was able to maximise profit for Barts by obtaining planning information, de-risking the site and managing a highly competitive disposal process.

Essentia supported the client in the following areas;

* Planning; including pre-application meetings

* Options appraisal and feasibility assessment

* Development consultancy and appraisal

* Soft market testing

* Disposal

* Co-ordination of a comprehensive commission of site-specific surveys.

* Business case support

* Liaising with the TDA