We have a team of experts at Essentia who able to help healthcare organisation improve and re-model their business processes and help them transform the way services are delivered to meet healthcare planning objectives.

Business Process Design

As part of the healthcare planning, we specialise in understanding how to improve healthcare processes and can use our extensive knowledge to re-design services so that they perform better and improve the efficiency for the patient and clinical teams.

We use Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Lean Six Sigma process mapping methodologies as a way to standardise and benchmark improvement. And we can also simulate models of care in real-time to prove the effectiveness of news of working, as well as identifying any constraints and workflow issues.

What we do

  • BPMN mapping
  • Patient-flow mapping
  • Value stream mapping
  • Process mapping
  • SIPOC mapping (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs and customers)

How can we help?

Quality systems

To reform clinical and non-clinical services managers and professionals need to adopt the concept of healthcare process engineering to redesign and improve healthcare outcomes.

Changing the way healthcare services are delivered and transforming the outcomes should be based on an evidence-based methodology. At Essentia we have that depth of knowledge and experience to lead any organisation through a transition of change.

Using a robust methodology, we can deliver a clear strategy based on the evidence gathered and a quality systems approach to ensure that new systems are able to provide a sustainable service.

What we do

  • Service capability audits
  • Governance reviews
  • Risk-based audits
  • Standardisation of systems
  • Improvement reviews
  • Benefits realisation
  • Performance management

If your organisation is looking to improve services and reconfigure the way they are delivered we have the expertise to ensure success, from the initiation phase through to delivery of services.

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