Essentia announce membership of European Connected Health Alliance

Essentia announce membership of European Connected Health Alliance

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our membership with European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance).

ECHAlliance membership is utilised by over 320 professional organisations, 15,000 individuals and has a presence in 25 countries. This collaborative network generates lasting relationships through the use of existing connections and unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the world of healthcare.

The focus of ECHAlliance is firmly on collaboration; it facilitates multi-stakeholder connections, to strengthen partnerships committed to driving change in quality and efficiency in health and social care.

For Essentia this aligns well with the integrated approach we take to projects and we believe that this membership can further enhance what we can offer our clients.

“The European Connected Health Alliance delivers leadership for the development of Connected and Health markets and practice across Europe. The ECHAlliance and Essentia Trading Limited work together at a strategic level to promote connected health initiatives.”
Brian O’Connor, Chair, European Connected Health Alliance

For more information on ECHAlliance and its benefits visit