International Projects focus on modern healthcare projected onto a global scale.

Many countries are looking at the demands for healthcare provision to meet an increase in population demands. Delivering a modern integrated healthcare requires a wide range of skills so that everyone can access services when they need them. This means designing clear patient pathways that are sustainable and aligned with the clinical and financial constraints.

Track record. We are dedicated to delivering healthy outcomes for our clients – our teams work globally, providing insight and innovation to all our projects. Essentia’s heritage is based on the work we do for the NHS, and their world famous reputation for patient-first care.

Collaborate. We have a wealth of experience to call upon when it comes to solving difficult problems. Our experts work together to deliver the best outcomes that translate into functional and effective patient services. That means having the right services in the right place at the right time, and making best use of the space that will cope with demand, now and in the future.

Places we have worked

  • National Centre for Comprehensive Cancer Care, Qatar
  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Australia
  • New Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia
  • National Children’s Hospital Dublin

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