Technology underpins everything we do and will change the way in which buildings are used and services are delivered.

Our approach

At Essentia we can support business transformation using insight and understanding to the problems you face. With a collaborative approach, we are able to provide expert guidance and advice to bring about an innovative solution to those business challenges.  We provide analysis to help deliver solutions at scale – from strategy to concept, design, procurement, implementation and support.  Our approach helps our clients to improve performance and help to transform the way services are delivered.

Innovative use of technology. The right technology applied correctly enables smarter working and a more flexible use of people and facilities. We utilise both new and emerging and ‘tried and tested’ technologies to offer the most appropriate solution to our clients. We also know that the right technology doesn’t have to be expensive and can advise clients on new and cost-effective ways of solving issues.

An integrated approach. We consider the estate from a joint perspective, incorporating organisational strategy, property, capital development, technology and sustainability. This integrated approach enables us to manage and deliver complex projects that directly benefit the people, processes, facilities and the quality of service and patient outcomes.

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Essentia has joined the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network called Meridian.

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Creating a Blueprint for STP Digital Strategy and Investment by Tas Hind

What we do

  • Digital strategy
  • Solutions architecture
  • Business case development and review
  • Procurement and support
  • Programme and project management
  • Change management
  • Systems optimisation
  • Integration and interoperability
  • Security and governance
  • Service desk and support

Tell us how we can help?

Case Studies

Streamling the patient journey

The issue: A modern hospital needs to improve efficiencies in the way patients move through the system. Outpatients are busy places and to help manage that system and empower the patient we needed a system so that we could deploy self-check-in and free up staff to help with the patient experience. Our unique solution: Guy's and…

Live bed state

The issue: To keep patients flowing through the patient pathways the trust needed a better way to understand what beds were available to those entering the system. Other market providers didn't work well enough and had overcomplicated the process. Our unique solution: Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust developed a hybrid, modular mobile solution…


The issue: For an organisation to go paperless the organisation needs a system to electronically create, capture, store and scan information using a mobile interface. It then needs to be able to keep a contemporaneous audit trail of the information. Our unique approach: Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust decided to develop a product that…

Creating the Local Care Record

The issue There is a need to be able to view patient data from a number of health providers in South London and have a single view. Our unique solution Using a platform developed for E-Noting Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust expanded the functionality to allow multi-organisational views. Working in partnership with Kings…